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Navirad UserTool 5.051

Navirad installs a camera database with all the GPS co-ordinates
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Navirad installs a camera database on Navirad radar detectors with all the GPS co-ordinates of the all speed cameras and mobile Camera hazards: Gatso, Truvelo, DS2, SPECS speed cameras, Mobile speed cameras, Red light cameras, Congestion charging zones, Saftey camera zones, Accident black spots.

Navirad GPS comes to be stuck on the dashboard of a car to allow, via its internal operating system, to be informed in real time (visual and sound alarm) of the proximity (starting from 600 meters) of automatic radars, the mobile control fields, the dangerous turns, the zones of accumulation of accidents being able for their part being added later on.

Navirad GPS warns you to the following:
* Gatso
* Specs
* Truvelo
* Red Light Cameras
* Trafipax
* Hand held laser guns - Hot Spot Areas
* Mobile Detectors - Hot Spot Areas
* Accident blackspots

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